“Mindful and intentional riding lays the foundation for healthy and happy equine partners.”

Welcome!  I’m Laura Odum, a classically trained dressage rider with eventing and show jumping roots, based in Lebanon, TN out of Painted Dreams Farm.

I offer conditioning and horse training rides on your horse to support your busy schedule and your horse’s continued fitness and positive mental health, no matter your discipline.  

I will help you and your horse achieve balance, lightness, and a true partnership while working with your lifestyle and schedule demands.


Balance under saddle is the foundation for all horses – no matter the discipline.  A balanced horse will carry themselves correctly, providing the proper muscle development and confidence to continue their training safely.    

A horse’s balance continues out of the training arena, into having a proper nutrition plan, a safe place to rest and play, bodywork and therapeutics, and time to “be a horse”.  A complete horse care plan allows your partner to keep a willing attitude! 


Lightness in a horse is pure harmony – it’s as if your horse is reading your mind and moving with every aid without effort.  It’s more than just a feeling of softness in your hands; it’s your horse responding with precision and suppleness.  

A horse with a lightness in his mind and body is a happy athlete.  His body is supple, and he is in tune with his rider!  A light horse makes for a light rider, too. 


Our horses becoming partners is communication, trust, and positive training based on kind, classical methods.  They understand what we ask of them. In turn, we are advocates for their physical and mental well-being.  

Horse owners need partners, too!  Your horse’s team of veterinarian, and farrier isn’t complete without someone to help you care for your horse when you are not able to.  That’s where I can help.